Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Episode 3: Schools of Dere

Although we are missing half of The Brigade, we manage to talk about the different types of dere commonly found in Japanese media. on an audio note, I'm getting better at this. Unfortunately the audio quality is still bad during the majority of the episode but gets better during the last 10 minuets Progress people!


Show notes are here!

B0X0R goofed up!

I've mixed up feeds! Episode 3 will be back online soon.

Hang in there!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sitrep Review #2 : Utawarerumono

Attention! The new Sitrep Review is live! Sorry about the delay. It was raining like hell here in the Midwest and our internet is currently being held together by an orange juice bottle cap and lots of painters tape (which is a huge improvement from a plastic fork)! Anyway, next week we are going to be talking about different types of dere. It should be a pretty fun episode. Enjoy the Sitrep and we will see you next week!

Click here to download Sitrep 

Click here to download Sitrep Report #2

Monday, June 8, 2015

Episode 2: Generic: The Anime (with Special Guest Original Ren)

We are joined by our first VIP, Original Ren from Fuwanovel to discuse life in Japan. We also learn about Generics “intresting” adventure plans for Japan. Music is Reformed Eagle by FIMFlamPhilosophy. Check out the show notes on our site for more info. http://animebrigadepodcast.blogspot.com