Friday, November 11, 2016

Episode 023: The Secret Lives of Teenage Anime Fans

To the Anime Amino Community,
Wow! The last five days have been quite incredible! Five days ago, I was sitting on a couch, watching the Olympics, when a bizarre idea came to me. What’s it like to be a teenage anime fan? I never really was an anime fan back in my teen years, and I never had a “weeaboo” phase in my life. So I decided to find an anime community and do some in depth investigating. And that was how I discovered Anime Amino. What started off as a silly concept for a podcast, became an eye opening adventure filled with laughter, excitement, killer clowns, cupboards, Harambe revolutions, and even a ghost who can’t pick up trash! But most importantly, it was filled with people, real people with dreams and ambitions. People with problems of their own and feel as though they must carry it all by themselves. People who are hanging on by a thread and feel as though it’s them against the world. People who feel more accepted here then they do in real life. These people made me laugh, cry, think, and smile. So to everyone I’ve meet online in the past five days, thank you. This isn’t my goodbye Anime Amino post, but with school, work, anime club, and my podcast, I won’t be on here as frequently as I have been these last five days. I’ll still *poke my head out of the cupboard* from time to time, but there may be days, or even weeks in which the cupboard stays closed. 
Thank You, all of you.
Intro and outro music is Fatty By Hallucihate! Not the other way around! Sorry about that!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Episode 021: Nep Nep and Putt-Putt

Episode 21 is here! This week I’m joined with Icarus as we discuss the Neptunia franchise, in the most disorganized way possible. Blanc is best CPU. Icarus details his uphill battle playing Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Sisters Generation. Blanc is best CPU. We pretend that everyone knows about Neptunia. Blanc is best CPU. The mystery of Uni’s breast size is discussed. Blanc is best CPU. Icarus manages to sequence break Re;Birth2, and then we somehow start talking about games on Steam, which lead me to a state of nostalgia when I discover Freddy Fish is on Steam…
This episode is a mess, but it sure was fun!
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Next week… Pokemon Go?
This weeks music is Nujabes | Battlecry [Bring The Goons Out remix] by d_j_essential. This song actually is pretty cool!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Episode 017: The New Brigade Mk. II Squad Redux; New Era and B0X0R the Old Fart & Other Random Shit

We're back! Got some new generals on board too! This time, we try to talk about our favorite anime. 
Music is Reformed Eagle by FIMFlamFilosophy
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Monday, February 1, 2016

Episode 016: B0X0R's Winter Anime Monologue

Pull out your Anime Charts because we're going to be talking about the winter anime season.